LIVING HEALTHIER LONGER The Nirvana Wellbeing Experience

LIVING HEALTHIER LONGER The Nirvana Wellbeing Experience

by Shanti Gowans

In Sanskrit, the language of Ayurveda and Yoga, the word for health is ‘Swasthya’, which has a profound meaning.

It is made of two root Sanskrit words, namely ‘Swa’, or the Self, and ‘Stha’ meaning stabilised, rooted or centered. Thus Swasthya can be translated as ‘stablised, rooted or centered within one’s own Self’.

Ayurveda is a person-centred medical and health system that has a personalised approach to health care and self care, with detailed guidance about food, nutrition, diet and lifestyle, as per your unique mind-body nature or Prakruti, and in accordance with the seasons.

Ayurveda aims at assisting you in ‘swasthya’ , so that you become a healthy being, ‘swastha’, whereby your physical, mental, and emotional health will enable your body, mind, and spirit to function in perfect harmony.

Human life, in Ayurvedic terms, comprises four basic aspects: the Self, (Atma), the mind (Manas), the senses (Indriyas) and the body (Sharira). All four of these components participate in the creation and maintenance of health and happiness, and all four of them play a role in the generation of disease.

Within each of us lie dormant abilities and extraordinary potential, far beyond what was believed to be possible in the past. New discoveries add to a growing body of evidence confirming that we are a highly advanced, highly sophisticated ‘living’ technology with the ability to self-heal, self-regulate, self-regenerate and rejuvenate every organ, each gland and all of the tissues in our bodies.

We are the technology we’ve been waiting for! Within each of us is our personal code for unlocking our Pure Human technology of neural networks, cell membranes and emotional intelligence, that allows us to excel in everyday life and thrive in times of uncertainty.

Vedic wisdom teachings have provided a blueprint for pure human thinking, and living, that awakens our extraordinary potential. This is currently being validated by the scientific discoveries of today. 


The Nirvana Wellbeing Experience

22nd September – 1st October 2023

Join us for a compelling 10 day retreat to experience the discoveries that catapult us beyond conventional thinking in relation to ourselves….our origins, limits and, most importantly, the extraordinary capabilities available to us for our everyday lives.

You will learn how to access and program your body’s multiple operating systems, to self-regulate your biology, up-regulate your genes, and awaken a powerful immune response by accessing your innate epigenetic triggers.

A stay at Nirvana immerses you in an experiential curriculum designed to bring vitality to your life from the inside out. You will enjoy optional daily meditation and yoga classes, scrumptious Ayurvedic meals, great lectures, discussions, conversations and extraordinary views.

In between program sessions and other activities, integrate your Nirvana Wellbeing experience with a personalised Ayurvedic consultation with Dr. Manish Patwardhan. Please book your appointments before your arrival to ensure availability

7:30 am                           Meditation and Discourse

8:30 am                           Breakfast 
Personal Time

 10:00 am – 1:00 pm       Ayurvedic Lectures with Dr. Patwardhan

1:15 pm                            Lunch, the main meal of the day

2:30 pm                           Yoga Nidra
Personal Time

6:00 pm                           Gentle, Healing Yoga

7:15 pm                           Light Dinner
Detox medicines (optional)

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