Ayurveda Dictionary : C

Ayurveda Dictionary : C

Ayurveda Dictionary



Causal primordials composed of universal basic attributes, sattva, raja, tama

from 1. Maya prakruti (root nature) arises mool-aksha (root space) 2. Mool-aksha (root, causal space) arises moolvayu (root wind) 3. Mool-vayu (root/ causal wind) arises mool-tejas (root fire) 4. Mool-tejas (root/causal fire) arises mool-aapa (root water) 5. Mool-aapa (root/causal water) arises mool-pruthvi (root/earth)

Cavya Piper cubeba

Cereefa/sureefa custard apple

Chakra wheel; organ of subtle body

Chakranama synonym of Guduchi; cross-section of stem looks like a wheel

Chakshu eye – sensory organ

Chakshurendriya sensory organ of vision

Chakshushya beneficial to the eye

Chal rind or peel

Chamcha spoon

Chana chickpea/chickpea flour

Chandraputi Treated with moonlight

Chandra Vijnana Yogic mystical science of the moon

Chapati a type of Indian bread

Chara mobility – joints

Charaka Samhita a classical text of Ayurveda; compendium of internal

medicine. Treatise compiled by Charaka, a

student of Atreya, who taught and practised Ayurvedic medicine at Taxila


Charvya crisp and chewy – food which needs to be masticated (with the teeth). These include various salads and nuts

Charya practice

Chatraka mushroom

Chatties saucepans

Chatur four

Chavan ancient Ayurvedic scholar and doctor

Chavitti massagw with feet

Chawal rice

Chaya collection or accumulation of the doshas

Chayavana prash general rejuvenator; tonic

Chchalitam splintered

Chchinnam separation of one articular surface

Che six

Chedyam hacking

Chharddi vomiting

Chhedya incision

Chikitsa treatment

Chintya 1 of 5 – a controlling term to describe a subject of mind ie. to accept or reject, and to differentiate between contemplation and planning of a subject

Chitraka; chita Plumbago zeylanica. Synonym of agni – referring to its action on bringing agni down

Chuquander white beetroot

Chuquander lal red beetroot

Churi knife

Churna(m) powder of dried medicinal plant

Churnitam powdered

Chushya food which should be sucked eg. mangoes

Chyle nutrient rich lymph