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I trust that this Newsletter finds you well and that the beginning of the new year has brought you positivity and inspiration.

Health Institute Australasia (HIA) incorporates a holistic trifecta which I have created combining Ayurvedic wellness with the pure, mindful, healing paths of Meditation and ShantiYoga.

This solid, foundational tripod delivers an inexhaustible source of resources for health, balance, energy, silence, the joy of life, reflection, personal development, caring for nature in ourselves and around us, building relationships and so much more.

My great passion has been in exploring the human potential, through the interplay between the mind, consciousness (the spiritual) and the physical body. I have a great curiosity about human nature, health and the cause of disease at the cellular, molecular, and energetic levels as well as that of the mind. I am passionate about peace of mind, natural health, helping people, and working extensively with the breath in the present. I am deeply fascinated by the subtle, spiritual world, yet at the same time, I also acknowledge my solid, scientific approach which my extensive scientific training has given me.

HIA considers the whole person, combining all three aspects, namely, mental, physical and spiritual into a meaningful whole with the aim of creating balance, wellbeing and wellness. We pursue comprehensive knowledge of how to naturally activate the mind-body’s built-in self-repair mechanisms, and strengthen its natural resistance to disease.

Ayurveda is a holistic healthcare system which originated in India. It aims to help create balance within the body, mind and consciousness.

Ayurveda is based on 100% documented, natural methods for the promotion of health.  It also contains deep knowledge about curing and preventing disease, which is based on natural methods that support the body’s own ability to heal itself.  It is no coincidence that the Sanskrit word ‘Ayurveda’ means ‘the science of life’.

The mind, the soul and the body, these three form the tripod of life. 

This is the subject matter of Ayurveda. It is for this Ayurveda is brought to light.

Charaka Samhita.1.46

Ayurveda, the health tradition and sister discipline of yoga, is one of the world’s oldest health systems. Ayurvedic knowledge, which has a documented history of over 3,000 years, originated from ancient Indian sages, scientists and seers, who had an intuitive insight into human health regarding how to synchronise both the external as well as the internal aspects of the body, with nature. Today, ayurveda is experiencing a true renaissance the world over.

The thousands of years’ old content in the classical Ayurvedic texts, is currently being supported by numerous scientific studies in Universities and research centers around the world. The many positive results from these Ayurvedic studies have been documented in well over a thousand scientific articles, published in recognised journals such as Science, The Lancet, Scientific American, Clinical Cancer Research, Journal of Ethnopharmacology, and BioMed Research International, to name a few. For me, it is like a circle that has been completed when the Ayurvedic knowledge, which emerged thousands of years ago, can not only be substantiated today, but has also been substantiated by modern scientific research around the world.

“It is more important to prevent disease from occurring than to seek a cure.”  is a quote from, Charaka, author of one of the seminal Ayurvedic compendiums of all time, known as The Charaka Samhita.

Ayurvedic prevention and treatment methods cover a wide range of health areas, such as general medicine, physiology, anatomy, surgery, pathology, pharmacology, psychiatry, rejuvenation, paediatrics, obstetrics and nutrition. The forms of treatment and therapy are many, and varied, and include, for example, diet, herbs, sound therapy, oils, massage, yoga and meditation – all without negative side effects, if used correctly.

Yet, Ayurveda is much more than just a system for treating and preventing disease. Ayurveda is the “science of life” (Ayur = life, veda = science / knowledge), which in addition to providing advice and guidance on health and treatment, contains knowledge about how to develop yourself in order to achieve your highest potential as a human being.

The brain produces over 100,000 chemical reactions per second. Your entire body is like a finely tuned orchestra, and your own unique intelligence and consciousness is the conductor of this entire show.

Imbalances arise and grow from stress and tension, poor sleep, dietary imbalances, and so on, whereby the symphony falls out of sync. The way to bring it back into harmony, is to restore balance at the level of consciousness. Ayurvedic treatments, formulas, recipes and protocols help enliven pure consciousness, so that your body can restore and heal itself.

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