Ayurveda Dictionary : B



Baal child children

Bahu arms

Bahula abundance

Bala physical strength; resistance

Balakrut give strength and energy

Balarogakaumarbhrutya pediatrics, including obstetrics and gynaecology

Bala Tantra paediatrics and gynaecology

Bala Vrudhikar should increase the strength of the body; proper diet

Bali sacrifices

Balya strengthener

Bandha bandages

Basti bladder

Basti medicated enema acts on the bowel and the sacral plexus of the body.One

of the pancha-karmas. 2 types, viz

anuvasana : mild, with snigda, oily substances, nirudha: strong action, with

herbal decoction

Bhaga portion or part

Bhagavad Gita Vedic literature. Hindu scripture. 18 chapters in 700 verses told

by Sri Krishna to Arjuna on a battlefield

of Kurukshetra.

Bhagnam broken; fractured

Bhagya wrong actions that may mature during subsequent re-births

Bhaishajya kalpana Ayurvedic pharmaceutical science

Bhakshya hard food substances, which need to be chewed, eg. sugar-cane,


Bhakti devotion

Bhallataka; bibba Semencarpus anacardium; marking nut

Bharadvaja master of medicine

Bhasma the end product of processing metals and minerals; metal, mineral

and/or gem ash; burnt medications (preparations)

Bhasmaka form of disease in which Agni is defective

Bhastrika the bellows breath of fire

Bhautika environmental; physical

Bhaya fear

Bhava prakasa medical text

Bheda breaking down; sixth of the six stages of disease

Bhedaniya disintegrating faecal matter

Bhedya excision

Bhojya food of normal consistency, easily chewable, eg. rice, bread

Bhojya easily chewable

Bhrajaka pitta skin pitta sub-type. Underlies entire skin;

temperature/complexion regulation; important in oil and

medicine digestion applied to skin; produces skin colour, body odour

Bhrama vertigo; giddiness (dizziness)

Bhrtya servant or minister

Bhru eyebrows

Bhuta a ghost; an element

Bhuta agni (bhoota) elemental fire; five forms of the biological fire; agni that

digests the bhutas or elements

Bhuta (Bhoota) vidya psychiatry; supernatural factors; demonology;

treatment by animistic spirits, mantras and tantras; one of the eight branches of Ayurveda

Bhutavidya knowledge of psychiatry and evil diseases

Bhutta Indian corn

Bhyanga body

Bida Lavana a kind of salt, ammonium chloride which is heating, light, sharp

with a sweet after-effect. Tri-doshic

Bijapura lemon

Bilva, Bael Aegle marmalos. Offered to Lord Shiva. Deepana

Bodhaka salivary Kapha sub-type. protecting buccal cavity, located in the

tongue; functions in perception of taste,

stimulates agni

Bombay mirchi capsicum

Brahma God of Creation, Hindu mythology

Brahmacharya celebacy – avoidance of mental, oral, sexual intercourse

without purpose

Brahmi, jalaneem Bacopa monniera. Gotukola. Enhances brain function

Brahmins members of the priestly caste

Brahmrandra anterior fontenale

Brimhana a form of therapy; that which promotes putting on weight

Brimhaniya bulk promoting

Brunhama anabolic procedural treatment. 1 of 6 concepts of procedural


Budbudha vesticular

Buddhi intellect; centre of determinative knowledge; understanding

Burra nimbu lemon