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Ayurvedic news

Shanti Gowans © March 2017


World headlines and the airwaves are dominated by conflicts over values, gender, race, colour, class and the planet, showing no signs of abating. And yet we constantly bear witness to the truth that the earth is too small a planet and we are too brief a visitor upon it for anything to matter more than the continued goal for peace.

Ayurveda and Yoga offer an alternative way of living that is built on strong spiritual foundations of nonviolence, living together harmoniously, forgiving and being reconciled with others and seeking common ground.

We know that the stress and turmoil in the world will continue for a tad longer, because people have free will to choose, and some just choose that. Some people think they can just ‘imagine’ what they want to happen in their minds, and it will magically appear. However, there is more to it than that. To break through the roadblocks that are standing in our way, we need to make sure that our mindset, emotions, physical body and spirit are all in resonance with each other, and all working together toward the same, common goal. While on the other hand, the absence of self-control, no self-discipline, just letting the mind wander, holding many ignorant mindsets and mental strongholds that have been built up over years and years can keep a person in bondage. A wilderness mentality with negative attitudes simply because every circumstance is not perfect decides failure even before a person can really get started. To live a victorious life, we need to take a positive look at the possibilities for the future.

In the midst of all difficulties in your life see the positive and the good. Know that you are not walking through difficulties alone – the divine presence surrounds you. Have confidence in this Presence. Think and speak about the future in an optimistic way, not festering on what you have seen or experienced in the past. Trust and move forward by faith, not sight. Align your energies with those in the Universe. It is not necessary to think that you are nothing or everything. Know that you are something and can achieve anything. Have a great day.

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