What you learn at an Ayurvedic Detox

What you learn at an Ayurvedic Detox


Connections between you and nature, your constitution at birth (prakruti), current state of health (vikruti), the three keys to mastering health for you (doshas), and about a disturbance in the force (ama) and detect physical body ama on your tongue and how it impacts your health

Overview of the science of life and longevity, and how the mind-body medicine of Ayurveda can heal disease, alleviate stress and manage addictions

Learn about what Ojas is, and its role in perfect health and how to create health and harmony with healthy choices pertaining to eating, nourishment and lifestyle appropriate to you, so that you feel energised, ready to go, and to keep going.

Fun and food and perfect digestion. Embark upon a journey to cook delicious, healthy, nourishing meals.

Live, Laugh, Love and Last a Lifetime – long term strategies and self care for healthier mind-body management

Participate in the detox of different tissues in the body, such as liver, gallbladder, bowels, kidneys, lungs, heart and mind, skin though the delicious and satisfying food you eat, herbal medicine teas and Ayurvedic medicines (not so pleasant tasting).

Be well informed what your body may need in relation to supplements and herbs etc. to support your health and wellness.

Revitalise your life. Discover the connection between energy and happiness

Emotional enlightenment. Simple practices for stress release, emotional flow and deep peace.

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